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FDC Vinyl Products



Premium High Performance Vinyl Film [FDC2100/2200] - Perfect for permanent graphics, striping, marine applications, vehicle graphics and awnings. This vinyl also has superior cutting and weeding properties and outstanding outdoor durability. Perfect for permanent graphics, striping, marine applications, vehicle graphics and awnings. [Product Information]

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Premium High Performance Engineered VinylFilm [FDC2301/2351] - This is a premium grade high performance engineered vinyl film designed for producing permanent signage, graphics and decals requiring long-term durability. This product features excellent outdoor durability and conformability making it an ideal substitute for cast films in many common applications. [Product Information]

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Premium Flexible Engineer Grade Reflective Film [FDC2407/2457] - This glass beaded retro-reflective vinyl film renders excellent reflectivity at night. This product is for fleet and vehicle markings where riveted and corrugated surfaces may be required. This film is highly resistant to the extremes of hot, cold, dry and humid weathering conditions. [Product Information]

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Premium Translucent Vinyl Film [FDC2500/2550] - This high performance cast translucent film is engineered with excellent weathering and aging characteristics. This film is used when backlit properties are needed. Excellent even color illumination and flexibility for sign faces and awnings. This film can also be used on glass, acrylic and polycarbonate sign faces or window substrates. [Product Information]

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Premium Cast Translucent 3M 3930 3M™ Scotchal™ Film [FDC3630/3680] - This is a cast translucent that comes in a wide color selection, many with pantone simulations. This product comes on a synthetic liner, is not affected by moisture and does not split if wet. The liner is also great for multi-color registration and has superior lay-flat characteristics. The 3630 has a low surface gloss to eliminate glare as well as uniform color in both reflected and transmitted light, intended for back-lit signage. This product is also sheetable. [Product Information]

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Premium Ultra Metallic Vinyl Film [FDC3700/3750] - This ultra metallic cast vinyl film has an excellent surface gloss and color depth. It provides dynamic graphic accents and can be used for RV and marine applications, automotive aftermarket graphics and striping. [Product Information]

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Intermediate Ultra High Gloss Vinyl Film [FDC4200/4250] - This is an ultra high gloss calendered vinyl film. This product is recommended for outdoor and indoor uses where a high quality marking film is requiring flexibility, durability and resistance to sunlight. [Product Information]

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3M™ 680 Scotchlite™Flexible Reflective Film [FDC6800/6850] - This is a premium quality flexible, enclosed lens, retro-reflective film that resists cracking in cold climates. This product is ideal for both large graphics and graphics applied to corrugated substrates. 6800 comes with a positionable, pressure-activated adhesive that is a mechanical feature, not an adhesive property. [Product Information]

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